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The main activity of BG LIGHT LTD. is production of dental equipment: dental curing lights and bleaching unit with BLUEDENT trade mark. The company products are known for their high reliability, reasonable prices and excellent quality.

BG LIGHT LTD exports its production to more than 80 countries in all world continents and boasts a stable sales growth.
About us1990 - Foundation of BG LIGHT LTD with main scope the production of BLUEDENT halogen curing lights.
2002 - Start of production of BLUEDENT LED dental curing lights (cable powered and cordless model).
2004 - Start of production of BLUEDENT 12 BL bleaching unit.
2004 - Introduction of EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485 quality management system.
All products are produced in conformity with Medical device directive 93/42/EEC and have CE mark.
2010 - Creation of new rechargeable models that complemented the product range, providing a comprehensive selection of wireless curing
2011 - Start of production of new LED curing lights with new broadband LED, built of different crystals, allowing polymerisation of all known composite materials
2011 - Introduction of BLUEDENT XPRESS with very powerful LED, providing an opportunity for an extremely fast and secure curing for only 3 sec., especially suitable when working with children or bond fixing, as well as all other cases where time is essential
2011 - Handpieces coating by Swiss technology - ILAFLON - in black, silver and white
2013 - New modifications of BLUEDENT curing lights, aimed at orthodontists with specific Ortho-design hardware and software
2013 - Moving production to a new factory of the company
2015 - Creation of a modification of the bleaching unit BLUEDENT 12 BL - for building in dental chair

The basic goals of the company are: Production of high-tech products with excellent quality and perfect design, as well as providing reliable warranty and after-sales service.


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